Friday, March 30, 2007

Pomegranate for the People / Matter of Time Exhibition

Matter of Time exhibition / Plant Zero Art Center / October 2006

Pomegranate for the People / Matter of Time exhibition

Pomegranate for the People, detail
What makes this piece bio, as in bio-art, is mostly about the pomegranate seeds ... There may be some green tea here, but my friend Marlene brought pomegranates to the studio one day when she and Curtis were working on a mural project. I was using "gifts" and found material in my work in those days ... Did you know that after you pop a pomegranate seed and let the juice sit on a panel the next day it is bleu ... as in blue the color??

N=Nan + Wireforms / Matter of Time Exhibition

This painting always seems to work best with the wire forms. The wire forms were from an environmental installation I did at Vermont College in Montpelier Vermont. I hung old Army shirts with inverted wine bottles equiped with small tubes that allowed the wine to drip slowly onto the snow (always about 2-4 feet in February). When it was done, I felt as if the wire forms themselves were the best part of the piece, and began re-making them in multiples - thanks to Megan ...

Megan Mueller, Hair on the Shower Floor, Welded Iron Rod, Life Size, VCU Sculpture Department, 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

This Is an Artist Named Heather ...

This is my friend, Heather Gray's, newest photography. Heather is in the newest version of Maternal Metaphors, a traveling group exhibition curated by Jennie Klein and including other artists such as Mary Kelly, Ellen McMahon, Barbara T. Smith, and Sarah Webb. These exhibitions question "the hegemonic representation of motherhood as an institution" as the artists "explore their ambivalence about becoming mothers."
For me, Heather's work is exciting because it's current, while at the same time her process, secondary subject matter, and colorization have a flavor of the 70's. This is what makes Heather's work Kick-Ass across the board - narrative, taboo, photo-cryptic, and formal.