Monday, February 8, 2010

New Works

Interval 01, intermedia - mixed media, 2010-
(click on image for enlargement)
Here I use a rhythm of layerings - photo images from previous projects, mixed media on wallboard, paint, paper, oil, tape, vinyl lettering, etc ... the pieces are removed from the wall and mounted on panels ...
(This installation is presently in the Studio Montclair Departures exhibition)

Interval 03, intermedia - mixed media, 2010

Interval 02 - (01 detail) ....
Interval 04 - (03 detail) ...

Inteval 05, intemedia - mixed media, 2010
Ritual Function - Installation View
This is a collection of stones from various rivers and waters in Rappahannock County, Virginia. The stones are eventually returned to their original sources ... and the collection is done again, repeating the physical and ritual movement. The piece was recentlyin an exhibition titled The Object at Univeristy of Mary Washington, Ridderhof Gallery, curator: Laura Tenakjian ... (click on the selection below to hear the accompanying sound art piece from the installation)
Ritual Function: Time and Space / Earth and Time, video of installation with sound art piece (in homage to Robert Smithson's video The Spiral Jetty, taken from a helecopter with commentary).
Entropy, found objects

The Everyday Act of Existence, docu-photography of 1 year event/intervention
Alley Sites, docu-photography of an art-walk mapping alleyways
Formation, found objects and bailing wire from - Italy, 1945 - a series of environmental installations, interventions, and documentation.
Urban Renewal I, formal-narrative paintings in multiples, one of a two part grid-series

Urban Renewal, detail
Urban Renewal, detail
Urban Renewal, detail

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sound Art

Once Was (originally "Event: Earth and Time") from Brad Birchett on Vimeo.
This piece is presently installed at Morehead State University, Claypool-Young Gallery in an exhibition titled No New Tale To Tell ...
Once Was is a clip from a sound art piece that was originially documentation for an interventive installation placed at various sites along the east coast ... The series continues to change over time ...