Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gehäuse Untergeschoss (part II)

Gehäuse Untergeschoss

March 7 - March 29


What an incredible experience I had in Dusseldorf. The privaledge was to exhibit with these 4 incredible Künstlers (artists) ... Thanks to Kai, Pirko, Thomas, and Evangelos ...

The opening for the show was great - many collectors and art reps were there, along with family, friends, and many, many, incredible artists like my new freund Lutz Fritsch. See a walk-through of the exhibit below ...

Gehäuse Untergeschoss

Brad Birchett, Site Seer, Entropy, and Existence, 2009

Thomas May, Installation and Docu-Photography, 2009

Evangelos Papadopoulos, Funnel For Your Souls, 2009

Pirko Schroder, Industrial Vent: Light Box, 2009

Kai Richter, Material-Site Installation, 2009

See below for more info on the show, the artists, and the exhibition.