Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Earth and Time

Earth and Time -- intermedia exhibition by Brad Birchett, Myers Gallery, Living Arts of Tulsa, Tulsa OK -- February 2011

Opening Reception Feburary 11, 5-9pm -- Brady Street Art District

Brad Birchett, Once Was:  Stove Pipe Hill, Tulsa OK, 2011
[Land art project for Earth and Time exhibition]

"It is significant that the existence of the work of art with reference to its aura is never entirely separated from its ritual function."

Walter Benjamin 

The process and the work become the same ... in the end we are left with the physical heap, or the outcome of the art making process.

--  Thanks to Steve Liggett at Living Arts for a wonderful experience in art and SURVIVAL (Largest Blizzard/Snowfall in History of Tulsa!) -- We hiked through drifts and mounds of snow to make art happen & the whole experience was incredible! -- for MORE INFO click here: 

See also the article in Urban Tulsa Weekly ...