Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Artist & Writers ... and other things ...

These are some images from the ARTISTS AND WRITERS Exhibition from last April. This exhibition was curated by Kathryn Shaw-Sweeney at Flippo Gallery, Randolph Macon College.
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Brad Thomas Birchett; The Everyday Act of Exhistence; photo-documenation (18, 8x12" silver geletin prints) of environmental intervention, audio; 2007
In this installation I worked with the idea/theme of story telling, building a narrative over time. I recorded my evening practice of throwing a stick for my dog, Luka. A repetative, physical, and learning experience that I work on every day..
... A detail of the installation.
... another detail.
... and another.

Included is an audio piece created from the every-day sounds that happened during the interventions. These pieces were hand-edited and dubbed by my friend Johnny Hott. At the gallery there were also stacks of cards so people could have something ...

On the back of the cards were various segments of a short story by my wife, Stacie ... an epitaph she wrote for our other dog, Zuzu.

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