Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oil vs. Art or You've Got To Be Kidding!!!

Robert Smithson, The Spiral Jetty, 1970
The date has passed to contact the Utah congressmen to complain about this insidious attack on one of the most infamous and important art pieces of the past century - THE SPIRAL JETTY ... And guess what -- I didnt even make the deadline, which was Feb 13th!!! Yes, like many, like even my students, I had the date in my "head" as Feb 22nd .... Too busy I guess .... (yes, that same old excuse) .... !#%#$^@$^$%^
But why not go ahead and send those guys an email and let them know that you care? Check out the NOW REPUBLIC article and link to these guys' emails .... Let them know that Pearl Montana Exploration and Production, LTD - from Canada (now that just blows on all fronts) - has no right to drill so close to a national monument (well, it SHOULD be!) that is also a symbol of "American" freedom, art, Earth, indigenous awareness, and well, anti-manifest destiny!!! Not only will these "exploration boreholes" disrupt the color, elevation, and floor-base of the beautiful Great Salt Lake it will also disrupt an important migratory bird ecosystem ... Now is the time to make it all STOP ... How long can this over zealous, money mongering, tight-assed society that the Bush's have reigned over keep tearing away at the earth and our art, = OUR FREEDOM ... ??? ALSO: SEE DIA ART SEE THE NEW YORK TIMES OPINION SEE THE DAILY HERALD AND THERE ARE SOME GREAT LINKS AND STORY ON TREE HUGGER


Charles said...

Thanks a lot for standing up for Great Salt Lake.

eyembradnow said...

Thanks for the images Charles - they're incredibly beautiful - I just added your page as a link ...