Friday, January 23, 2009

Urban Renewal II

Urban Renewal - 01/09 - Now the piece or project has grown to about 53 parts - 5x7" paintings inspired by formal elements of nature but also by the ritualistic and rythmic act of walking the grid of alleyways of my neighborhood ... and of course, with my rescue shepherd Luka. See the first Urban Renewal entry below for more info and images of the first pieces. Above is a grid of 24. The piece continues to grow over time ... created from a piece of history - damaged paintings on paper from the Shockoe Bottom Studio Fire of 1997 (wow, 12 years ago!). These pieces were cut from the saved yet un-restorable paintings on paper left from the fire - re-painted with new and current ideas, formal elements, repetitive motion, and with an overall sense of social equality. See below for a few more details ...

(See the Vanderbilt University show for other ritual-egalite-grid pieces)

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